Thursday, March 5, 2009

Your darn Tootin.

How interesting.

today was very interesting, and I have not gathered many insights from it. except that I really enjoy being friends with krista. she is perhaps my best friend at the moment. well, she is my best friend at the moment. I laugh. a lot. when I am with her. I enjoy laughing, tis good for the soul. and many other things, laughing prevents cancer, or so I'm told.

I also handed in my paper today. it really feels great to hand something in that you have been working on for a long time, even if you ahve done a crap job on it, but whatevs. its all good, and if I get a bad grade, then so be it.

I really wanna have blue eyed children. oh man, If I marry someone with blue eyes, and then our children do not have blue eyes...I'll cry.

I cant wait for tomorrow.

hmm, I dont know what my mother thinks of me at the moment.

buh, bye.

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