Friday, March 6, 2009

Red bull.

red bull.

yes. I had a red bull. its true. I am still hyper. I think.hmmm.

I really wanna be insightful tonight, I feel like thats the most important thing about making a blog interesting, and I like interesting blogs. so, I'll just explain about a few events that occured today.

today was perhaps the funnest day of my entire life. slumdog was amazing, friends are amazing, the lady who played latika in the movie was sooooooooooooooo beautiful.

As I sit here, on my bed, in my gander mountain t-shirt and simpsons pajama bottoms, I cant help but wonder what direction my life has taken in the last few weeks. I seem to be laughing a lot more than I used to, I think thats because I am hanging ouut with krista and mike and nathan more. I love it.

tonight, when i was buying my red bull, I looked at the ingredients, and this is what I said in my mind as I was reading them "shit, shit, CAFFIENE!" and that was enough for me, so I bouhgt it. I think I'm gonna have a night where me n krista, n perhaps someone else, idk who, probly mike or nathan just geta case of red bull or something, and watch all three extended versions of the lord of the rings. oh man, that sounds like a blast to me.

I dont know whats gonna happen with lynnette, I hope it all works out.

hmm, I havent seen my mother all day, and we live in the same house, wait thats a lie, she wrote me a check, well, I suppose thats all women are good for. payin me.

oh my goodness, that was ridiculously sexist.

I leave you with a quote from someone

"AAAAAHH! quails!"


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