Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Something out of a book.

Today, I had a conversation that completely changed every belief I had about everything. So, after much thought, instead of reading frankenstein like I should be doing, I am going to state what I have come up with.

I believe in love, first of all. second of all, I believe in myself. I believe in my ability to make good decisions, and my ability to do the right thing. Third of all, I believe in my friends. I believe in their ability to make me glad when I am sad, and I believe in their ability to help me when I need it. but mostly, I believe in love. love makes everything possible.

So, I just thought you would like to know that. It makes me feel a lot more solid about myself as a person than I did a few hours ago.

I cant wait to hang out with mystery woman tomorrow. I think we shall have fun, we always do.

Wild geese.

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