Monday, March 16, 2009

A slap in the face can do a world of good.

I'm not surprised...but I am quite sleepy.

today, my attitude was bad so I instructed krista to slap me. she did, and I felt better. the whole day turned around, and now I feel like a million bucks. Funny how changing your attitude can change everything.

today was so nice out, that I decided to spend the evening inside, learning from some old guy. I would have rather watched the grass grow.

I hope that my beatles situation gets figured out soon. thats all I have to say about that. I wanna hold your hand.

tomorrow, I get to play music. hoorah. I like playing music. i do not however, like being embarrassed. and I think that will occur. so I am not excited, but whatever. I will be proud walking down the street.

I think this tennis season is gonna be a good one. kevin is funny, and doug is really good. so is kyle.

I still wanna hold your hand.

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