Monday, March 30, 2009


trainwreck...that would be the only thing to describe...the concert. in my opinion at least. I'm sure all of the little old ladies and mothers and fathers thought it was just brilliant, but in my opinion it was a giant pile of shit. except for when I played. then it sounded well.

this month is peotry month. to escape from the boredom and pointlessness that is geo studies, I have decided to write a poem every day in that class. I would post the one I wrote today, but I gave it to someone. As will I with the rest of them that I write.

I hate creepy guys with beards who are in extemporaneus reading. they need to mind their own bizness. and leave people alone.

I leave you with a quote from a man who lives next door.

"MAYA! Get back here you little slutbag! You dumb dog! get in the car right now"

I wonder how this guy treats his dog...


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  1. That quote was possibly the most inspirational one i've ever heard.