Thursday, March 12, 2009


And I'm frankie.

I feel a lot better about myself as a human being today. thats good. I also feel all futuristic like, because I got a twitter. you should all follow me on there. woo.

Me and mystery woman had a great time together, lots of inside jokes were formed. I like those, they are fun and make me laugh.

excuse me, I cant deal with this, I'm in the perforomance zone.

ok. all better now.

I really like will and grace. its an awesome show. me and mystery woman seemed to laugh at all the same parts, that made me happy.

Hockey fight just occured. I like hockey. anyhoo, back to mystery woman.

I cant wait for will and grace day.

just remember that calling your girlfriend "spock"will do you no good. especially when shes performing felatio.

thats all I have.

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