Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The riddler.

Today, I thought of some really great names for Ms. Kopps child thing that will come out of her in a little bit. My personal favorites are "The riddler" "Hark! A cow!" and "pqrtzfx" the last pronounced "Michael." it was a good time, and I cant wait to be in choir next year.

ooh, we have a new employee down at the big HH. Nathan Elizabeth Frye. I'm super excited, tis a wonderful atmosphere for the boy.

the embarrassment procured from "weaving" down the street was not as great as i first thought. but it was still high. nathan and mike were both laughing at me. but oh well, other people had fun. I just had to yell at my over cologned brother once. so that was good.

tomorrow kevin perhaps will show this blog in speech class, so I thought I'd add a little something for the ocasion

good night.

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