Sunday, March 22, 2009

She doesn't look 14...

She doesn't look 14... not 30 either tho.

Talking is good. I talked for about 7 hours today. it was a good time. I approve of nathan.

I am a decision maker. I am bomb at it. just not in my own life, only in other peoples lives.

I want things I cant have. isnt that sad?

Other people have things that I want. isn't that sad?

Oh well, feeling sorry for myself doesnt do shit. I'm proactive. I sahll make those things mine before too long.

Hey, did you know that math is the only language that the whole world shares? IBM does. theyre building a smarter planet.

I'm building a dumber brain by not doing my homework, but I dont give a fuck. I'm having a good time.

Why are people named monica crazy?

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