Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You are so beautiful

as I went down to the river to pray, studyin about that good old way, i found something. I found a rock. not just any rock, but this was the rock. it was the most beautiful rock that I had ever seen. it was just a plain brown rock, but it held itself in a different manner than most rocks. most rocks are boring, and simply lay there. but this rock seemed to call to me. And I wanted it, so I stuck it in my pocket, and it has been lying on my dresser ever since.

I really like this writing a poem everyday thing, it makes me feel good, because people always like my writing, even though I think that I am not the greatest.

today, I received a poem back. that made me even happier. then I had a chat with the person for a good half hour; that made me feel warm like christmas inside.

my mother always tells me that the universe will provide. I suppose I shall just let the universe work its magic and visualize my goal. until then...well, I'll suck it up.

I wonder what the phrase suck it up actually means...I would guess that when you were injured in battle and you were bleeding or something, you had to suck the blood up so that you could keep going or something.

oh well, thats probly wrong, but guess what? I dont care.

you are so beautiful.

I think everyone should have someone tell that to them.

you are so beautiful.

Monday, March 30, 2009


trainwreck...that would be the only thing to describe...the concert. in my opinion at least. I'm sure all of the little old ladies and mothers and fathers thought it was just brilliant, but in my opinion it was a giant pile of shit. except for when I played. then it sounded well.

this month is peotry month. to escape from the boredom and pointlessness that is geo studies, I have decided to write a poem every day in that class. I would post the one I wrote today, but I gave it to someone. As will I with the rest of them that I write.

I hate creepy guys with beards who are in extemporaneus reading. they need to mind their own bizness. and leave people alone.

I leave you with a quote from a man who lives next door.

"MAYA! Get back here you little slutbag! You dumb dog! get in the car right now"

I wonder how this guy treats his dog...


Sunday, March 29, 2009

I feel ambivalent about life in general. I feel like I cant do anything of value until I am given something in return. I dont think I shall be given the something that I want for some time. perhaps not ever.

my mother told me that if you visualize what you want, the universe will provide. well, Ive been visualizing, and nothing has been provided. oh well, even if I dont get what I want right now,I trust I will eventually and everything will work out in the end. it always does.

I have a new favorite song. "you are so beautiful."

I am wired in the same way as my best friend. we think the same way, it makes me happy. I dont know what I would do without them.

I stayed up too late last night. texting. I am un idiotum. (thats idiot in latin).

vous ĂȘtes si beaux.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Come let us gingerly touch our tips

I have never seen such a good movie as role models. it is so good that if it and i were to make love and have a child, my goodness and the movies goodness would invoke such an offspring that the world might end. but thats foolish talk...it would never happen.

Today i felt like a creeper for my behavior last night at the semi formal dance. but I was informed that I have 4 friends that think I'm great. I let my creeper feelings dissolve into the lovely aromas that float through hopes harvest to go and burden some other young man. I felt a weight come off my shoulders and I enjoyed the rest of the day.

I do not have scholarships to fill out tomorrow. suck it seniors!

I feel like I have a best friend in like 13 different cities across the country..but, since I'm not near any of them, I only have one real one. which makes me happy.

if I'm ignoring you...I dont care.

Friday, March 27, 2009


I could not stop staring.
my heart was racing,
my gaze was returned now
and again, and my heart
seemed to skip a beat
or two.
I looked through the obstacles
a fat 17 year old,
two freshmen dry humping,
to find the apple of my eye
dancing the night away.
twas a marvelous sight...
beautiful. no other words
to describe.
and then the fat one
came into my view.

thats how my evening went...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why is she so pretty???

I don't know, but i like her. I in fact like her so much that...well, I just like her. thats all there is to it.

tonight was subsections for speech. drama has occured...and i feel sad. but no worries, its not the end of the world, and if some people want to make it that, well then so be it. I feel like no matter what happens, its always important to keep your head up. there are always better opportunities ahead.

I feel like me and her will eventually be together...eventually. perhaps sooner, perhaps later. but in the end, we will all be happy.

I think jokes are sometimes more true than truths themselves. especially in the case of several friends of mine.

I'm gassy. I'm bloated. maybe I'm thomas smit. but probly not.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Idle American

I'm an idle american. I sit in my relcliner, I watch tv, I text, I chatter on the computer, and I eat. I also watch american Idol. how weird.

I told myself and krista that I was not gonna send any texts tonight. that failed. I sent one to someone. Oh well, I hope they dont think I'm obsessed with them or anything...because thats not what I'm going for.
tomorrow I wont send one, because I'll be with all the people that I text. how convenient.

Simon cowell makes me angry. as does randy jackson. as does paula abdul. as does other judge who I dont know the name of. I wish I could just listen to them sing. I like that.

did you know that my mother once cried while watching american idol? someone got eliminated who sang a dixie chicks song. evidently that was enough to provoke tears.
I laughed.

I dislike adults who dont know what their talking about. they make me angry.

I wanna be a jimmy johns delivery guy. I would be able to travel at the speed of light and see beautiful naked french women. and have a french accent. wouldnt that be the greatest?

since I have been within 20 feet of a certain syphillis G. , I now have super aids. Que bad.

oh well. at least shell be gone soon.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A hard days night.

Even among all of this dreariness and depressing weather, I find it hard to have a bad day. Attitude seems to affect my day in a way that nothing else does.
Its like this: your thoughts create your environment.

I fell asleep while texting last night. It was fun, but today I was exhausted. I could care less. I enjoyed myself, and I shall enjoy myself again tonight.

I have decided that I love the show will and grace. it makes me laugh on many different levels. I however, do not like watching it without krista. I think I shall not do that very often.

I have decided not to do things I dont want to do. so, I will not be watching will and grace, and will not be doing homework. well, thats a lie, I will do my homework.

I have been wondering why I have the gumption to say things about my friends to every single person possible, but not to my friends themselves. I'll have to look into that.

Despite the hand that is lacking, I am very happy at the moment.

Tim curry makes me laugh.

as does John Cleese.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Changing of the guard...

I told her my secret...and my secret surprised her. her secret was not on the same level of mine, and then the situation became awkward.

I still like her though, and I hope to be great friends with her.

I have excellent news: Amtrak is way more fun than driving, and its relatively cheap. I think a lot of problems have been solved with that revalation.

I have a bestie, a friendie, and lots of really close friends. I am happy.

I have no hand to hold. None, and that will not change anytime soon. I am sad.

I play tennis, I get good grades, I play music, I am involved, I do everything. I think that I am perhaps the most excellent person to ever walk this earth.

aside from richard simmons of course.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

She doesn't look 14...

She doesn't look 14... not 30 either tho.

Talking is good. I talked for about 7 hours today. it was a good time. I approve of nathan.

I am a decision maker. I am bomb at it. just not in my own life, only in other peoples lives.

I want things I cant have. isnt that sad?

Other people have things that I want. isn't that sad?

Oh well, feeling sorry for myself doesnt do shit. I'm proactive. I sahll make those things mine before too long.

Hey, did you know that math is the only language that the whole world shares? IBM does. theyre building a smarter planet.

I'm building a dumber brain by not doing my homework, but I dont give a fuck. I'm having a good time.

Why are people named monica crazy?

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today, I saw the nastiest thing on the planet. twice. their names were I dont give a fuck, and they were from hastings. they beat us. That makes me more angry than the time that my brother hit me in the face with a two by four. and I was pretty angry. but oh well, I'm done venting. at least andrea and I are in love.

I know things. thats just the way it is. I just hope that I can still be ok with what I know after what I know is going to happen happens. if you didnt get that last sentence, well, that makes two of us.

I think I really like someone who I really shouldnt be liking...well, not shouldnt, because attraction isnt something that should or should not happen, but more like cant be liking. at least not yet. NOONE ask me about this, because I am not going to respond.

I feel like this blog isnt as funny as it should be. so heres a little humor for you:


Isnt that hilarious? actually, I myself am asking what the hell I was thinking thirty seconds ago when I did that.

in any case, tomorrow should be good, I hope I am enlightened in some way, shape or form.

Why are jewish people terrible at telling jokes?

because theyre jewish.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Screeching is offensive.

Screeching is very offensive.

I feel loved, and yet I feel empty. how strange. oh well, life goes on, just like the beatles song thats about a trannie.

I know things that other people dont know...that makes me happy. I'm glad that I have someone that feels comfortable enough towards me that they can tell me things. It makes me happy.

I really like friends. I really dont like bad acting. I especially dont like bad acting by people who are not my friends.

I perhaps have been texting a little bit much lately con one specific person who is a wee bit younger than I am. but oh well, friendship transcends age.

I would enjoy sleep.

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

A clap with one hand. you dumb asshat.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

better than sex

is better than sex cake actually better than sex? umm, how the hell should I know.

I'm gonna guess not.

the gophers are going to lose, and I played tennis.

a lady told me that my handshake was too weak, in my mind I called her a dumb bitch, but in reality I squeezed her hand a little harder. I really dont like that lady. when I first met her, I kinda liked her, but after a while, she just got fricking annoying. and it has now passed from fricking annoying, to OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO ANNOYING!

I guess I'm supposed to make a move on the female I like on saturday. i'm not sure I will, but whatever. this weekend will be fun, and if thats a part of it, then so be it.

If there is one thing that I want right now, it is a hand to hold. but thats no different than any other day, so I'll just repress that feeling until the right hand comes along.

I really like macaroni and cheese.

I'm not a big fan of better than sex cake.

its not better than sex.

what do you call cheese thats not yours?

brie. my brie.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I wanna hold your hand.

I just wanna hold a hand. just any hand. it makes me sad when I see everyone holding hands, and I cant do that...

Oh well, I have a job. and a mother...and other things, like friends. so I shouldnt really be complaining.

today, holly accepted my prom invitation. I enjoy holly, I think we shall have an excellent time together.

I also scared krista super badly, it made me laugh for almost a whole block, which is quite a large distance to be laughing. if anyone else lived in lake city, they would probly be laughing at me, and think that I'm crazy, but no one else does so they couldnt think that.

working with nathan is fun, I'm glad that he has been hired. hes way better than michelle knudsen who asked me every fricken day for a job at HH. Ugh...dumb bitch. did you know she got an 18% on an astronomy test?

oh well, shes dumb and this is probly the first time Ive thought of her since, well, ever.

I was also in a commercial, ate free food at a church, and didnt read frankenstein.

I am so hilarious, that everyone laughs at me. always.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The riddler.

Today, I thought of some really great names for Ms. Kopps child thing that will come out of her in a little bit. My personal favorites are "The riddler" "Hark! A cow!" and "pqrtzfx" the last pronounced "Michael." it was a good time, and I cant wait to be in choir next year.

ooh, we have a new employee down at the big HH. Nathan Elizabeth Frye. I'm super excited, tis a wonderful atmosphere for the boy.

the embarrassment procured from "weaving" down the street was not as great as i first thought. but it was still high. nathan and mike were both laughing at me. but oh well, other people had fun. I just had to yell at my over cologned brother once. so that was good.

tomorrow kevin perhaps will show this blog in speech class, so I thought I'd add a little something for the ocasion

good night.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A slap in the face can do a world of good.

I'm not surprised...but I am quite sleepy.

today, my attitude was bad so I instructed krista to slap me. she did, and I felt better. the whole day turned around, and now I feel like a million bucks. Funny how changing your attitude can change everything.

today was so nice out, that I decided to spend the evening inside, learning from some old guy. I would have rather watched the grass grow.

I hope that my beatles situation gets figured out soon. thats all I have to say about that. I wanna hold your hand.

tomorrow, I get to play music. hoorah. I like playing music. i do not however, like being embarrassed. and I think that will occur. so I am not excited, but whatever. I will be proud walking down the street.

I think this tennis season is gonna be a good one. kevin is funny, and doug is really good. so is kyle.

I still wanna hold your hand.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


An asian woman ran through the store today, yelling in vietnamese at her mother.

A crazy lady came into the store today, I couldnt understand her, but she bought two cucmbers and some swiss cheese.

I was manipulated into playing the tin whistle in an "irish walk" on tuesday, so embarassment will occur. fo sho.

I thought that katie was going to come next weekend and my heart just about flew around the room, but then I found out that shes not, and it retreated back sullenly.

I earned money.

I didnt do homework.

frankenstein now resides at hopes harvest.

I feel blue.

I texted lizbeth.

I felt boring.

I like tuna sandwhiches.

the potter makes me laugh.

rich people are funny.

thats all.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

tuesday is the night that we go and visit your mother.

tonight was fun.

today was not.

tonight was what I want everything to be like

today was what I want never again to happen.

I was very unhappy with myself. I did not play up to my standards, although, I really dont know what those standards are, I know that I did not play up to them. My dad kept on asking me what was wring, and I just couldnt tell him that it was his me. I feel like my music was not performed in the way that I can perform it. but oh well, today is history. so thats all that can happen.

I feel like mike kevin and krista are my best friends. I like having them as best friends, because they make me laugh and all that stuff. yay.

I realize that I need to find someone to sing my beatles songs to. I must. I must. I'm begining to get lonely in that region of life.

I think from now on, I'm only going to do things that make me happy. thats a lie, I'm still going to go to school and put some amount of effort into it. but just so you know, my spirit will not be in it.

red bull is off limits for one month. food is off limits for two days.

thats all I have to say.

Friday, March 13, 2009

things that rhyme with "ike"

nike rhymes with ike. oh the joys of pie day.

Today I gave a speech. the only thing you need to know about it is that syphillis is a dummy, and that love is the most important ingredient of anything. including tuna sandwhiches.

tonight my father asked me about lynnette. I didnt know what to say, so I stated the word "eye" a couple times and let it be. thats the way to avoid things. Ay yay yay. sadness runs through my veins like a marathoner down the street. slowly.

frankenstein does not capture my attention.

neither do douchebags.

I like laughter. and I hope mystery woman and I hang out on loveday, that would be good. if you dont understand that last sentance, you arent fit to drive. please get out of the car now.

frankie will be going now.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


And I'm frankie.

I feel a lot better about myself as a human being today. thats good. I also feel all futuristic like, because I got a twitter. you should all follow me on there. woo.

Me and mystery woman had a great time together, lots of inside jokes were formed. I like those, they are fun and make me laugh.

excuse me, I cant deal with this, I'm in the perforomance zone.

ok. all better now.

I really like will and grace. its an awesome show. me and mystery woman seemed to laugh at all the same parts, that made me happy.

Hockey fight just occured. I like hockey. anyhoo, back to mystery woman.

I cant wait for will and grace day.

just remember that calling your girlfriend "spock"will do you no good. especially when shes performing felatio.

thats all I have.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Something out of a book.

Today, I had a conversation that completely changed every belief I had about everything. So, after much thought, instead of reading frankenstein like I should be doing, I am going to state what I have come up with.

I believe in love, first of all. second of all, I believe in myself. I believe in my ability to make good decisions, and my ability to do the right thing. Third of all, I believe in my friends. I believe in their ability to make me glad when I am sad, and I believe in their ability to help me when I need it. but mostly, I believe in love. love makes everything possible.

So, I just thought you would like to know that. It makes me feel a lot more solid about myself as a person than I did a few hours ago.

I cant wait to hang out with mystery woman tomorrow. I think we shall have fun, we always do.

Wild geese.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Albi the racist dragon

as I promised last night, a story.

once there was a dragon. his name was albi. he was rather racist at times, he said many things that he regretted. like "hey fatty! you got more rolls than a pastry truck!" in any case, some albanian kid got albi's tail all dirty and albi sneezed and blew up the world. the end.

now for the real section.

red bull gives you wings, I know it does, or at least it gives krista wings. thats fo sho.

I must say, I rather enjoy giving other people advice, it makes me feel good about myself. I like making people smile, I like helping people. it is good.

I only sang a beatles song once today, which is better than all night last night. so thats good.

I still miss katie.

I dont know what to do about a certain situation. I suppose I'll figure it out.

life is like a broken clock. complicated.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Things that glow red.

Hmmmm. things that glow red. I'll just leave it at that.

today makes me angry. old geezer just gave us a 5. I also found myself singing beatles songs a lot. I wont say what that means, but I know that I want it to stop.

I have also decided to hang out with kevin this weekend. that sounds enjoyable to me.

hmm, I think I really like humble people. I also really like happy people. I also really like humorous people. I feel that my friends exemplify those three H's pretty well.

tomorrow, I'll write a story for you all to read. keep on your toes.


Sunday, March 8, 2009


I feel like I shot someone in the face.

Not that I would know what that felt like, but I feel like it.

today two very important things happened, I'll start with the lesser. I went to the Y. While I was getting my cardiovascular activity on, I noticed all the different types of people there. there were old people, really old people, middle aged people, younger people, and then teenagers. All working in the gym to better their health. no one was bothering anyone, not the absolutely ripped 20 year old who could bench like 200 pounds, or the 50 year old lady who was on the bike. I wish that real life carried out this interaction, where everyone just did their own thing to get better.

I suppose, if everyone had blue eyes, then that would be possible.

the second important thing that happened was that I broke up with lynnette. I wish I had some fabulous insight, but i dont. all i have is this feeling that I hurt someone really bad. I really wanna move on, because that seems like the best thing to do.

I suppose I shall.

I became friends with ms wait on facebook today. that i think will bring me more laughs than i have ever had before.

I must brush up on my fashion.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I wonder what my father thinks of me.

I wonder what my father thinks of me. I told him I was going to practice after I hung out with nathan and krista, and then I didnt. I didnt. hmmm, this is really hazardous to my well being, seeing as I have my audition next saturday. I really dont wanna say "oh well, I'll just ractice tomorrow." but thats all I really can do. I think I need to remember to do the things that I say I am going to do. or maybe I shouldnt say things that I knwo I'm not going to do. I think thats it.

I am really getting worried about this lynnette situation, I honestly dont have any idea whats going to happen, I think its all up in the air.

tonight I recieved a text from TOMMY. Tommy of all people. how ridiculous is that. and he asked me when the lab notebook was due, and I jsut realized I never texted him back. hmm, I'm feeling like not a good friend tonight, for various reasons.

so, this evening I watched nick and norahs infinite playlist. and although it was a really good movie and I really liked it, it made me sad. it made me sad because they love eachother. nick and norah love eachother, and its like nothing can ever separate them. now I know that is a movie, but I really wanna have that connection. I really wanna just be in love, and have that special connection. I feel I have had that connection with one other person, unfortunately, they live 250 miles away, and no amount of solving the rubiks cube will do me any goddamn bit of good. I might as well just throw that stupid thing away. only thing its given me is a fricken nightmare.

on a lighter note, me and kevin are going to have our birthdays together, doesnt that just sound like a blast? I think it does.

I miss katie. I think shes coming to visit, I wonder if I should hug her when she comes, or just say hello awkwardly. I think a hug is in order, but I'm not sure.

I still wonder what my father thinks of me.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Red bull.

red bull.red bull.red bull.red bull.red bull.red bull.red bull.red bull.red bull.red bull.red bull.red bull.red bull.red bull.red bull.red bull.red bull.red bull.

yes. I had a red bull. its true. I am still hyper. I think.hmmm.

I really wanna be insightful tonight, I feel like thats the most important thing about making a blog interesting, and I like interesting blogs. so, I'll just explain about a few events that occured today.

today was perhaps the funnest day of my entire life. slumdog was amazing, friends are amazing, the lady who played latika in the movie was sooooooooooooooo beautiful.

As I sit here, on my bed, in my gander mountain t-shirt and simpsons pajama bottoms, I cant help but wonder what direction my life has taken in the last few weeks. I seem to be laughing a lot more than I used to, I think thats because I am hanging ouut with krista and mike and nathan more. I love it.

tonight, when i was buying my red bull, I looked at the ingredients, and this is what I said in my mind as I was reading them "shit, shit, CAFFIENE!" and that was enough for me, so I bouhgt it. I think I'm gonna have a night where me n krista, n perhaps someone else, idk who, probly mike or nathan just geta case of red bull or something, and watch all three extended versions of the lord of the rings. oh man, that sounds like a blast to me.

I dont know whats gonna happen with lynnette, I hope it all works out.

hmm, I havent seen my mother all day, and we live in the same house, wait thats a lie, she wrote me a check, well, I suppose thats all women are good for. payin me.

oh my goodness, that was ridiculously sexist.

I leave you with a quote from someone

"AAAAAHH! quails!"


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Your darn Tootin.

How interesting.

today was very interesting, and I have not gathered many insights from it. except that I really enjoy being friends with krista. she is perhaps my best friend at the moment. well, she is my best friend at the moment. I laugh. a lot. when I am with her. I enjoy laughing, tis good for the soul. and many other things, laughing prevents cancer, or so I'm told.

I also handed in my paper today. it really feels great to hand something in that you have been working on for a long time, even if you ahve done a crap job on it, but whatevs. its all good, and if I get a bad grade, then so be it.

I really wanna have blue eyed children. oh man, If I marry someone with blue eyes, and then our children do not have blue eyes...I'll cry.

I cant wait for tomorrow.

hmm, I dont know what my mother thinks of me at the moment.

buh, bye.