Sunday, March 8, 2009


I feel like I shot someone in the face.

Not that I would know what that felt like, but I feel like it.

today two very important things happened, I'll start with the lesser. I went to the Y. While I was getting my cardiovascular activity on, I noticed all the different types of people there. there were old people, really old people, middle aged people, younger people, and then teenagers. All working in the gym to better their health. no one was bothering anyone, not the absolutely ripped 20 year old who could bench like 200 pounds, or the 50 year old lady who was on the bike. I wish that real life carried out this interaction, where everyone just did their own thing to get better.

I suppose, if everyone had blue eyes, then that would be possible.

the second important thing that happened was that I broke up with lynnette. I wish I had some fabulous insight, but i dont. all i have is this feeling that I hurt someone really bad. I really wanna move on, because that seems like the best thing to do.

I suppose I shall.

I became friends with ms wait on facebook today. that i think will bring me more laughs than i have ever had before.

I must brush up on my fashion.

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