Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A hard days night.

Even among all of this dreariness and depressing weather, I find it hard to have a bad day. Attitude seems to affect my day in a way that nothing else does.
Its like this: your thoughts create your environment.

I fell asleep while texting last night. It was fun, but today I was exhausted. I could care less. I enjoyed myself, and I shall enjoy myself again tonight.

I have decided that I love the show will and grace. it makes me laugh on many different levels. I however, do not like watching it without krista. I think I shall not do that very often.

I have decided not to do things I dont want to do. so, I will not be watching will and grace, and will not be doing homework. well, thats a lie, I will do my homework.

I have been wondering why I have the gumption to say things about my friends to every single person possible, but not to my friends themselves. I'll have to look into that.

Despite the hand that is lacking, I am very happy at the moment.

Tim curry makes me laugh.

as does John Cleese.

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