Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I wanna hold your hand.

I just wanna hold a hand. just any hand. it makes me sad when I see everyone holding hands, and I cant do that...

Oh well, I have a job. and a mother...and other things, like friends. so I shouldnt really be complaining.

today, holly accepted my prom invitation. I enjoy holly, I think we shall have an excellent time together.

I also scared krista super badly, it made me laugh for almost a whole block, which is quite a large distance to be laughing. if anyone else lived in lake city, they would probly be laughing at me, and think that I'm crazy, but no one else does so they couldnt think that.

working with nathan is fun, I'm glad that he has been hired. hes way better than michelle knudsen who asked me every fricken day for a job at HH. Ugh...dumb bitch. did you know she got an 18% on an astronomy test?

oh well, shes dumb and this is probly the first time Ive thought of her since, well, ever.

I was also in a commercial, ate free food at a church, and didnt read frankenstein.

I am so hilarious, that everyone laughs at me. always.

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  1. you have no idea how many times i laughed at your blog. Which is a mixture of good and bad, cuz it makes me happy, but i just ate a lot and i'm lying on my stomach.