Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Idle American

I'm an idle american. I sit in my relcliner, I watch tv, I text, I chatter on the computer, and I eat. I also watch american Idol. how weird.

I told myself and krista that I was not gonna send any texts tonight. that failed. I sent one to someone. Oh well, I hope they dont think I'm obsessed with them or anything...because thats not what I'm going for.
tomorrow I wont send one, because I'll be with all the people that I text. how convenient.

Simon cowell makes me angry. as does randy jackson. as does paula abdul. as does other judge who I dont know the name of. I wish I could just listen to them sing. I like that.

did you know that my mother once cried while watching american idol? someone got eliminated who sang a dixie chicks song. evidently that was enough to provoke tears.
I laughed.

I dislike adults who dont know what their talking about. they make me angry.

I wanna be a jimmy johns delivery guy. I would be able to travel at the speed of light and see beautiful naked french women. and have a french accent. wouldnt that be the greatest?

since I have been within 20 feet of a certain syphillis G. , I now have super aids. Que bad.

oh well. at least shell be gone soon.

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