Saturday, March 28, 2009

Come let us gingerly touch our tips

I have never seen such a good movie as role models. it is so good that if it and i were to make love and have a child, my goodness and the movies goodness would invoke such an offspring that the world might end. but thats foolish would never happen.

Today i felt like a creeper for my behavior last night at the semi formal dance. but I was informed that I have 4 friends that think I'm great. I let my creeper feelings dissolve into the lovely aromas that float through hopes harvest to go and burden some other young man. I felt a weight come off my shoulders and I enjoyed the rest of the day.

I do not have scholarships to fill out tomorrow. suck it seniors!

I feel like I have a best friend in like 13 different cities across the country..but, since I'm not near any of them, I only have one real one. which makes me happy.

if I'm ignoring you...I dont care.

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