Saturday, March 7, 2009

I wonder what my father thinks of me.

I wonder what my father thinks of me. I told him I was going to practice after I hung out with nathan and krista, and then I didnt. I didnt. hmmm, this is really hazardous to my well being, seeing as I have my audition next saturday. I really dont wanna say "oh well, I'll just ractice tomorrow." but thats all I really can do. I think I need to remember to do the things that I say I am going to do. or maybe I shouldnt say things that I knwo I'm not going to do. I think thats it.

I am really getting worried about this lynnette situation, I honestly dont have any idea whats going to happen, I think its all up in the air.

tonight I recieved a text from TOMMY. Tommy of all people. how ridiculous is that. and he asked me when the lab notebook was due, and I jsut realized I never texted him back. hmm, I'm feeling like not a good friend tonight, for various reasons.

so, this evening I watched nick and norahs infinite playlist. and although it was a really good movie and I really liked it, it made me sad. it made me sad because they love eachother. nick and norah love eachother, and its like nothing can ever separate them. now I know that is a movie, but I really wanna have that connection. I really wanna just be in love, and have that special connection. I feel I have had that connection with one other person, unfortunately, they live 250 miles away, and no amount of solving the rubiks cube will do me any goddamn bit of good. I might as well just throw that stupid thing away. only thing its given me is a fricken nightmare.

on a lighter note, me and kevin are going to have our birthdays together, doesnt that just sound like a blast? I think it does.

I miss katie. I think shes coming to visit, I wonder if I should hug her when she comes, or just say hello awkwardly. I think a hug is in order, but I'm not sure.

I still wonder what my father thinks of me.

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