Thursday, March 19, 2009

better than sex

is better than sex cake actually better than sex? umm, how the hell should I know.

I'm gonna guess not.

the gophers are going to lose, and I played tennis.

a lady told me that my handshake was too weak, in my mind I called her a dumb bitch, but in reality I squeezed her hand a little harder. I really dont like that lady. when I first met her, I kinda liked her, but after a while, she just got fricking annoying. and it has now passed from fricking annoying, to OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO ANNOYING!

I guess I'm supposed to make a move on the female I like on saturday. i'm not sure I will, but whatever. this weekend will be fun, and if thats a part of it, then so be it.

If there is one thing that I want right now, it is a hand to hold. but thats no different than any other day, so I'll just repress that feeling until the right hand comes along.

I really like macaroni and cheese.

I'm not a big fan of better than sex cake.

its not better than sex.

what do you call cheese thats not yours?

brie. my brie.

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  1. that joke at the end cracked me up so much, my parents knocked on my door and told me to go to bed.