Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You are so beautiful

as I went down to the river to pray, studyin about that good old way, i found something. I found a rock. not just any rock, but this was the rock. it was the most beautiful rock that I had ever seen. it was just a plain brown rock, but it held itself in a different manner than most rocks. most rocks are boring, and simply lay there. but this rock seemed to call to me. And I wanted it, so I stuck it in my pocket, and it has been lying on my dresser ever since.

I really like this writing a poem everyday thing, it makes me feel good, because people always like my writing, even though I think that I am not the greatest.

today, I received a poem back. that made me even happier. then I had a chat with the person for a good half hour; that made me feel warm like christmas inside.

my mother always tells me that the universe will provide. I suppose I shall just let the universe work its magic and visualize my goal. until then...well, I'll suck it up.

I wonder what the phrase suck it up actually means...I would guess that when you were injured in battle and you were bleeding or something, you had to suck the blood up so that you could keep going or something.

oh well, thats probly wrong, but guess what? I dont care.

you are so beautiful.

I think everyone should have someone tell that to them.

you are so beautiful.

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