Sunday, May 31, 2009

pomp and circumstance

I jsut got out of the shower. I went in thinking that I would reflect upon my day, and think of what insights to insert into this here piece of writing. I walked out thinking how much that body wash I use makes my junk smell like vanilla. Twas a very productive shower indeed.

in any case, I played pomp and circumstance today. we almost messed it up royally, but, we didnt. probly because i'm in the band.

I also thought about what the word commencement means. I was under the impression that it means starting something. and I always took this graduation day as a day for things to end. its the end of highschool. for the most part, it signifies the end of friendships, and the end of relationships that have been cultivated for 12 long years.

But then I realized that it doesnt signify that at all. it marks the beginning of the rest of your life.
I dont feel like elaborating, because everyone knows what that means.

I get to eat expensive food for free tomorrow. I'm excited.

my phone jsut buzzed rather angrily at me. I shall see you tomorrow.

dont forget to drop your jaw when playing those low notes.

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