Sunday, May 10, 2009


Did you know that yesterday, my father came into my room and warned me of the dangers of putting things on the internet? Well, he did. It made me very upset. Because that means that people close to me are snooping. Instead of actually caring about what I have to say. So, scram, people who think they care about me, but actually don't.

Thats quite enough of that.

I was very sad last night. Things have changed. My friends are different, they all have different lives. as do I. but I cant help but remember all the times that we had together...oh well. times have changed. I suppose all I can do is remember who my true friends are, and spend more time with them before the game of life has been played out.

another item that made me sad. she told me she wishes she could feel the same way about me. that just makes my heart crumble into about 47000000 little pieces. I'm tired of trying. but I cant stop.

in other news. its mothers day. and I am at my fathers. how interesting.

In still other news, I failed a chemistry test. this marks the first time in history that I have ever failed a science test. and the subject matter was not that hard. i dont know what happened. I felt prepared...

oh well.

I would love somebody to love.

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