Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I dream of her.

thats going to be the title of a piece of music that I am writing. Its going to be so beautiful, that people will cry. Andrea will cry, cuz its about her, and everyone else will cry jsut because of the beauty that it posesses.


I should fart in gods mouth for making it so hot. its ridiculous. I feel like every pore in my body has been on overdrive since tennis practice started. and now if someone smelled the pit region of my body, they would probly die.

I wont be at school tomorrow, I will be playing tennis instead. I wont have 2/3 of my people with me. and that makes me sad. but, oh well, I guess it will be practice for next year.

I hate in when people change the issue. for instance, I was talking to my dad about the torture thing thats going on in the news, and we both agree that the blame is being completely switched around, and the focus is being shifted. but, I guess thats how those right wing nut bags get what they want...I know that I am above that.

I miss katie.

wish me luck, and krista dont forget your work clothes.


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