Friday, May 1, 2009

I wont be on the phone tonight...

probly not at least. you should be sad for me.

This morning, my dog bit me. and right now, he will not shut his fucking mouth. I want him to be quiet. but I dont want to get up, because he bit me this morning. and he almost bit me again this evening. good god. you have no idea how angry I am right now.

I wish I knew how to change peoples minds. or make them realize things. Or, I wish I just was ridiculously attractive on every single level possible. that would solve problems. or so I think. haha.

I just met up with an old friend on facebook. I seem to have a lot of 9th grade friends that are girls. how interesting. haha. oh well. none of them are hoebags, so thats ok.

I seem to be really angry tonight. I wish I could change that.

I wish she would contact me before I sleep. if she doesn't, well, thats ok. theres always tomorrow.

goodnight fair maiden.

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