Friday, May 29, 2009

I had a title, but I forgot it

today was amazing. I have to say. despite some of the awkwardness that seemed to follow me wherever i go, It was amazing.

It was the first day of summer today. I spent it sleeping, cleaning, and being awkward. the sleeping was amazing. the cleaning was cleansing, and the awkward was...awkward.

the cleaning felt so good to do. It was as cleansing as a hot bath, and a hell of a lot more productive. I didnt realize how much of a slob I was until I picked up all the crap thats been lying on my floor for months and months. I'm glad I found that out, because it is highly unattractive, and gross...

I also decided today that no matter how much effort I have to put into school, I am going to get a 4.0 next year. I will make every effort, and take every step to do that. I will also help someone else do that, I will feel extra good about myself after it. I'm excited.

krista is coming over to my house in approximately 3 hours. I am very excited. we are going to have an excellent time.

I think I'm going to drink my red bull at 1. perhaps I will still be hyper at 3 when she arrives.

if I'm not, I will make it so.

Have a good evening.

I should really watch those movies that I rented, but I dont want to, because that would make me fall asleep...

have a good night.

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