Sunday, May 3, 2009


Today, I got slapped in the face by a piece of turkey. It felt oddly good.

yesterday, I dressed up in fancy clothes. I watched other people look extremely beautiful, and looked "elegant" and "charming" (according to anne Pflaum). I had a great time. the whole day was just a great time. I probly had more fun during the day than I did at the actual dance, as you may know, I'm not one for dancing. usually. and besides, I didnt have anyone to stare at like I did at the semi formal. but whatevs. I t was still a grand time.

I feel like this year has been the best year of my entire existance on this planet. this school year at least. I have friends. and for that, I am glad. I wish I could have every year be as grand as this year.

I wish I could be as beautiful as alydia lee. she was the most gorgeous thing ever. she still is.

I need to let something go. but I cant. and I never will.

I miss you.

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