Sunday, May 24, 2009

the word for tonight is shalacked

shalacked as in the twins got shalacked the last week, but are now putting on a shalacking of the national league.

I feel shalacked right now. my tiredness is unparralelled, and I wish I could just sleep forever.

I feel shalacked in body and mind. I have spent an entire day thinking. it takes a lot out of you, thinking. in fact right now, I am so tired that I have my eyes closed while I am blogging because I dont even have the strength to open ridiculous.

I wish I could just constantly be with my friends. spending time with my folks is good and all, but, I would rather be with my friends. namely a few special friends. because they make me happy when I am around them. and I like being happy.

I will spend time with one of those friends tomorrow, and another one of those friends on friday. hopefully.


tired. like none other.

good night.

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