Monday, May 4, 2009

star wars day.

It's star wars day. and i wish you a happy one. may the fourth be with you.

I nearly won in tennis today. I played rather well, against one of the better teams in the state. and yet, my coach still expects me to do more. I know I could have played better, but still. I like to be complimented. oh well.

My dog might have to be put down. if you would like a dog, please let me know.

My two favorite teachers are in bad health right now.

My best friend is really sick.

I'm so tired.

My mother is ridiculous sometimes.

My dad likes to brag.

I'm done.

I miss you.

I'm waiting.

I love you.

J'ai taime.

I adore you.

J'ai t'adore.

bon nuit.

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