Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who would care for a sandwitch?

I remember a story I read when I was was about a boy who was hungry, and he heard someone say "who would care for a sandwitch?" the boy ran over to the person, who just happened to be a witch who lived in the sand. the witch made the boy care for her, and then sent him home. the next day, the boy heard the same thing, and, after having a miserable day caring for the sandwitch, he decided to not go. and someone else went, and got a delicious sandwhich from the sandwitch. I dont know why I'm thinking about that...but whatever.

What a depressing evening. I dont believe I have ever witnessed both of my parents cry on the same evening before. I have concluded that my mother is a crazy person. along with ana's mother, and krista's mother.

I dont know waht to do, I dont know whos side to take, I dont know how to react, I dont know how to comfort them. I just dont know.

You think you have it bad, try having to deal with college finals, not having a job, a mouth infection, and your ex lover pushing a dog onto you, and paying 1000$ to keep the dog at your house.

I try to live in an atmosphere of love and compassion towards everything. I know my mother has always tried to teach me that, but...I think right now she is in the opposite mode. whatever. I am more inclined to go with my dad. I feel that he has been wronged in this situation.

I find it hard to complain about not getting what I want tonight. so, I will just wish for it tonight again at 11:11. hopefully, I will have it soon.

I found an old friend today. simply by the number 42 i found her. I need to see her soon. I miss her.

You know whats cool, about 75% of my best friends are women.

I need to stay in the present moment. We have it on sale at hopes harvest. In case you want some.

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