Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I ate a pizza today. what have you done?

It annoys me when people become too competitive. I guess I am at fault for that sometimes, but, that is human nature. It annoys me when people take something fun, and make it not fun. such was the case with the scavenger hunt. so we cheated on one pic. who cares? its about creativity, and having fun. we were able to accomplish that. were you?

in other news, school is pointless, I miss my senior friends, band seems pointless without tommy, everything else seems pointless with out everything else.

but, as my newfound motto states, oh well. most things are only temporary. same with this part of my life.

I was trying to remember when I came to realize that who I was was an excellent person and I didnt need to change that. I cant remember, I think I was jsut born with that sense. haha.

I can remember the first time I realized that I would never go into a hollister or abercrombie though. that was in 9th grade.

I refuse to go into one of those. they, along with american idol, are the decline of human civilization.

I wonder about some people.

amy dudley cracks me up.

have a grand old evening.

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