Friday, April 17, 2009

Today may have been the most enlightening day of my entire life.

When I was in 6th grade, I did not go to a courage retreat, but I did go to a school where the principles that were taught at this courage retreat that I was helping at today were taught. At my school, we were taught to always be yourself, and to repect others, and to know that what you say could be hurtful to others.

Today was the first day of my life where I realized how priviliged I was to grow up in such an environment. It was an everyday occurance to call a "conference" in which you told the other student that you were upset with, along with a teacher, what you were upset with. You then worked it out peacefully. I feel like this is the same concept that was used today at the courage retreat. people were letting out their feelings, although, I'm really not sure that anyone is going to stop making fun of draven, or carson, or riley. which is sad, but its true.

I have lost my faith in humanity. they say that they will stop doing something, for instance, stop making fun of someone, and they do not. there are a great many people that are made fun of in my school, and a great many people who have probably said that they wont be making fun of them any more. and yet, feelings are still hurt, and laughter is still had.

my sadness is unparralelled.

Oh well. I suppose the best thing would be for me to lead by example, and try and be the best person that I can be. I know I'm not perfect, but, no one is.

My act of courage is to realize that who I am is a great person and me being me will get me everything I want. I cant force anyone to like me, but I can show them how great of a person I am by being myself.

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