Sunday, April 26, 2009

I...I don't know

I know things, I know that I have good friends.

I know that I will be sad when they leave this town, But I will also be happy. because they are leaving this town, and that is something that everyone should do.

I will be sad, because I will not see several of my friends for a long period of time. but I'm sure, in the end it will all work out. it always does.

I think the pain of them leaving will be eased by new friendships that I have cultivated this year. I am glad that I have done such things. I am sure that these friends will help me a great deal later on in life. perhaps even next year.

If I am reading this to you, then I am glad that I am. I am glad that you are my friend, and I am glad that I have you. I'm glad that you feel comfortable enough with me to tell me things.

If you are reading this to you, well, I am glad that you are my friend. I am glad that you like me enough to read my blog.

Kimala once said, "you must give love to receive love"

I want to receive love. I suppose I must give some more.

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