Saturday, April 11, 2009

I am enough.

I will be writing a poem soon. it will be called the tree of life, and I will give it to one person. it will hopefully be the best thing that I have ever written.

I am reminded once again that I have the best friend in the world, she makes me happy when I am sad, and brings me out of funks that I seem to manage to get myself into. I hope I do the same.

I was interviewed for tv today, I said a bunch of really inspirational quotes. and when I say inspirational, I mean inspirational. I think I'm made for tv.

I had a dream today, or maybe it was just a daydream that occured while I was driving to madison that me and krista were dating, it was interesting, because nothing was different except that we were holding hands, instead of not.

I just called kelsey fick a dumb ho.

I hope I go to heaven for that. someone needs to say it.

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