Monday, April 27, 2009

I think she likes me...

And by she, I do not mean the she that I like...bye she I mean the one who I danced with. and whom I have said three words to. well, maybe 8. but still, thats not a lot of words. Maybe I should talk to her a little...maybe tell her a few more words. like 15 or so?

anyways. today was a really good day. mainly because I got chosen to be in the all state band. which is exciting because of the musical opportunity that it will present. its also exciting because I thought I played like a diaper covered in burnt hair at my audition. but I guess the old bald man didnt think so. thanks old bald man, you made my day.

I'm so smelly right now, its unbelievable. I bet I could kill a small child with my stench. or maybe small animal as well. like a cat. I bet I could kill a cat with my stench. thats how nasty it is.

Ooh, I also won in tennis, so thats good. I love playing with doug. I feel like we play excellent together.

of all the good days, this was a good one.

tenk you veddy much.

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