Monday, April 20, 2009

Dee anne carver's face is now absent of orthodontic hardware.

Dee anne carver's face is now absent of orthodontic hardware, just so you know. I thought it would be prudent to tell you that, as she felt it prudent to tell the whole world that. and by whole world, I mean facebook. now I'm really telling the whole world about it. woo.

Today, my tennis coach told me that I was beginning to look like a tennis player. which, of course, is a lot better than an embarrasment to watch, so thats nice.

It hailed, and we still continued to play. how fun. My ears hurt after that. it was kinda ridic.

Last night, I was asked if I had a place I wanted to be kissed, and I said underneath a giant tree. I hope that comes true sometime. that would be fun.

It would not be fun to be kissed in the hail. not in the slightest.

me and andrea had our second and third date today, I think I should go in for the kiss next time.

we're in love.

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