Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I wish you wouldnt fall asleep on me...


So, today, was pretty much a zoo. the whole day. every part of it. but, you all dont care about that. I suppose if you do, you'll ask me about it.

You know what I love? the ability to wake up at 750, have breakfast, take a shower, go to school, and be there by 810. Its amazing. I'm sure you are all jealous. and by you all, I mean the one person that I am reading this to, and the 6 other people that read my blog. but still, I'm sure you are all jealous.

I did that this morning, by the way.

I wish I could make people materialize out of thin air. that owuld be amazing. that way, I could have everyone who I want to be around whenever I wanted them.

I also wish i had a picture of myself that had a facial expression that fluctuated with my mood. that would be quite entertaining. and then people wouldnt have to ask me whats wrong with me all the time.

I guess I'm emloyee of the month. how exciting. I will inform you of the reason later.

I wish I had what I want. thats probly my most pressing wish.

I wish you good night.

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