Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For love of the game

Today, my dad told me I seemed disturbed. oh well. today, I also wrote a poem. its not as good as I thought, but whatever. here goes.

I wouldn't rather
stop. for I recall
the days of darkness
when all sight was lost.

now I see

I would much rather
continue. for
any sight at all
is better than none.

But I am not free

I am bound
by the ties of
sight and sound
for yes, I can see.

And I like that.

for I would never quit
love this game
far too much.


I became rather angry at some younger kids today. I was frustrated by my friends, because I didnt talk to them. I was all set to go and talk to krista and mike, but they walked right past me. so, I didnt. I went at my own pace. and talked to ashley brusse for a moment.

I think my dog is aging. it makes me sad, he has a line on his face that was not there a few years ago. just like all things, he must get older. as must I. oh well.

I'm very happy for krista. I hope she gets what she wants, because then I would be getting what I want. oh man, if that happened, I think this summer would make me explode with joy. its gonna be amazing. amazing. amazing. amazing.

I wish my coach wasnt so negative. thats not the way you make people enjoy what theyre doing.

I wish younger people had an ounce of maturity.

I wish I had what I want.

I wish you goodnight.

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  1. Oh, man, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to brush past you so fast. This was just a stressful day had by all.