Sunday, April 12, 2009

I dont go to church.

I dont go to church. I dont believe in a man going and telling me what to believe in, I want to figure out on my own what to believe in and what to follow. I have decided not to follow jesus, and instead, follow myself.

that may seem weird, but I believe that the only thing I can truly believe in is myself. I know that I will make the right decisions in whatever I do, and the only one that can validate those decisions is me.

there are several other things that I believe in, like inner peace, and my friends, but my main belief system is centered around me.

I feel excellent about myself as a human being today. In fact, so excellent that I may do my homework before speech class tomorrow, perhaps even before I go to sleep.

The reason I feel so excellent about myself is the fact that: 1) I beat my uncle in badminton. that has never happened before, and he is extremely good. 2) I have a family that loves me to no end.
3) I received a text message from that certain someone that said "thank you for being so sweet and for being different than all the other guys." this just makes me feel excellent. 3) I received another text message from my good friend katie that said "you are an excellent guy, and friend."

Now, not that I didnt already know these things, but actually hearing(or reading) them made me feel very good, I was also told this last night, and it brought my mood up a bit. So, I thank all who have made me feel better.

I showed my family a picture of me and krista, and my uncle said "ooooh josh, whos this babe" and then passed the phone around, the rest of the family had the same reaction.

I love my family.

I love my friends.

I hate homework.

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  1. You should claim to be a scientologist. That'll catch our school in a loop