Saturday, June 27, 2009


I had a steak at midnight. I feel like an adult. there is no one here that can tell me what to do, when to eat, when not to eat. I like it. I will probly gain some weight from it, but I could give a rats patoot about that.

I watched a movie that was... interesting. It made me tear up a little at times, and at others, made me go "what the hell just happened?" there was lots of strange things. It was as if I was watching a dream. and I still dont understand the burning house.

I move on, and then I find another. Thats how its always been, thats how it always will be. until I find something to fill that void. In any case, I really wish I would have had more cash. I feel like the ferris wheel could have been so... I'm not sure. Beautiful. Sure, We will go with beautiful.

ah well, another day my dear.

I should be a chef. People always enjoy the food that I make.

I hope I dont end up like caden. I will not allow myself to be lonely. I will discover who I am, and feed my needs. Not just allow others to spoon feed me my life.

This is me, and I love you.

good night.

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