Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I love you all

I love andrea, I love bessie, not tara though.

I love marching band. I have always loved it, and putting in the hard work just makes it all the better.

I love my friends. I have always loved them, they bring my spirits up when I am sad, and make me happier when I am glad.

I love playing tennis with old men. Especially when reall good ones tell me they're "never going to hit it to your fuckin forehand again." it made me glad. like I actually did something good.

I love the people that I am surrounded by. They make me feel like a real person, rahter than some puppet-thing that walks around and does nothing for himself.

I love my mother. even though she is embarrassing.

I love you andrea, I love you bessie.

I love you all.

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