Friday, June 19, 2009


I broke my fast yeterday morning. I'm ok with that, because it was not a good idea to fast during marching band anyways.

I almost passed out during the parade last night. It was not good.

Old country buffet absolutely disgusts me. I am never eating there. Ever. Even the salad makes me want to vomit.

Tonight is a fire. woooo.

Things that annoy me:

people not texting me back. It makes me feel like I'm not worth the time it takes to send a text.

People being angry at me.

Loud people.

my mother, at times.

my father, at times.


all those things were a part of my life in the last couple days. I hope it gets better.

In other news, I miss all the people that I havent hung out with in a while. maybe I will see them tonight.

have a good day, and dont get on my bad side. if there is such a thing.

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