Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Today was enjoyable. I enjoy nathan frye. I enjoy holly. and now, I am tired.

I dont feel like I have any insights for tonight, except that it is a good thing to take a break. I took a break today, and twas good indeed. I spent time with different people. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

I really like subway. It might be my favorite thing. I feel happy when I'm eating it.

Older women always find me "handsome." I know this because I have had two different friends tell me that their mother thinks I am handsome. plus, all the old ladies in town just come to hopes harvest to flirt with me. Its true... just ask anyone who works with me...

loud people annoy me. but, only some loud people. there are a few loud people that I can stand. you know who you are.

arrogance annoys me. I feel like I can be a bit arrogant at times... I hope I dont come off as that.

the only thing weird about today was a question someone asked me.

but, thats ok. I still enjoyed it. and I bought people subway, which made me feel nice.

indeed, I am tired. very tired.

so, I say to you, goodnight.

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