Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pinchas Zukkerman

I had a good day. Good enough that while I'm sitting in my chair, I say (in my head of course): man, what a good day.

I realized today how lucky I am to have everything that I have. My job, my mother, my father, my opportunities, my friends, my health, and my ridiculously beautiful self.

I want to turn off the TV right now, since I cant hear it, but the remote is far away, and my dad is now watching it. so scratch that idea.

Some spanish soccer players are ridiculously beautiful. I wish I was the goaltender for the national team. Or fernando torres. Or, David Villa. Or, just that whole team.

I always say, do what makes you happy. Right now, I like eating, watching movies, playing my bassoon, and being around krista and all my other friends. So, I have been doing that as much as possible lately.

I just became a fan of morgan freeman's voice. What!

In any case, I am completely tuning out my dad right now, I have sound cancelling head phones on and my music loud. I am enjoying it thouroughly.

I am going to make a bunch of lists tomorrow. Here is a list of the lists I am going to make.

1. Things to do in my life.
2. Things to do in seattle.
3. Things I want to add to my life.
4. Things I want to delete from my life.

At the risk of being compared to Ms. Myran, I think I will stop, but you get the idea. I have lists that I want to make. I'm going to sleep on it, and start tomorrow.

Have a good evening, I hope it is as enjoyable as my day was.

I wouldnt mind someone to talk to tonight, just to have something to do.

bye. and my feet are sweaty.

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  1. TOO LATE!!! I have already made the comparison between her and you. I stopped reading after that point because i judge you.