Sunday, June 28, 2009


This is the second time I've used that as a title. But, I could care less. did you know that snatch is another word for vagina? I'm pretty sure it is.

In any case.

I dont like it when people ask others about the status of their virginity. Its unecessary, and noone should care. Someone used to always ask me that, and I became quite frustrated and angry about it.

I thought I liked being alone, but now, I realize that I dont really. Being alone is just a time to be lost in your thoughts, and right now, I dont like that. I would rather my mind be off that stuff, and being around other people helps to keep the mind off of that.

I love my friends. I had a great time tonight.

I'm tired, so I think I wil go to sleep.

have a good evening, and just remember that I love you.

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