Saturday, June 6, 2009

100 days of solitude.

this is my 100th blog. A while back I looked through all my blogs, and I realized that the problems I faced at the beginning of my blogging career are the same as right now. Just in different forms. This leads me to believe that The problems we have are not really problems at all. they are just things that take us away from the life that we need to live, and that we put them there. other people do not cause our problems. We cause our own problems because we want them.

I would much rather just realize that I cant have everything I want, and that everything will work out. But, its too hard.

On the other hand... I feel like there is not as much love in my universe as there once was...

I also feel sad... for I would think that contacting someone every day for several months, and them telling you that they enjoy talking with you would make them want to contact you. but, that is not the case. Oh well.

My dad has never returned. I think he was on a date. cool.

I want to play music for a living. I have decided that.

I hope krista finds her check...



  1. Just so you know, I did find it and I like your title because that book is good.


  2. Oh but it's Years...I just should have said years...

    Did you know it is 2:15 and I continue to not want to sleep...god i hate sleep.


  3. I know its years, but I was just playing on the fact that it has been about 100 days since I started my blog... actually, I'm not really sure why I amde it as my title... oh well.