Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mozart, Beethoven, Hummel, and Tansman


What I didnt do:

1) receive a text back from one of my closest friends.

2) after 10, come into contact with anyone Under the age of 40.

3) spend any minute of my day in any sort of comfort.

4) Have a long conversation at work as is typical on tuesdays, due to the fact that my coworker is in san diego.

What I did do:

1) played music, a lot of mozart, and not much else.

2) sweated.

3) gave advice on the master cleanse

4) saw two asian men wearing the exact same outfit, which included no shirt, and short shorts.

What I think about all that:

I am annoyed that I didnt receive a text back, as this is the second night this week that this has occured. I feel that it is better to simply state what you want to say, instead of ignoring it. My dad always harps on me about not being passive agressive, its kinda rude.

I miss nathan, I would have worked with him today.

Since I wont be pouring all of my emotions into a certain someone anymore, I need to find something new to put my emotion and passion into. that something is music. I have decided that I am going to spend at least two hours a day practicing mmy various things, which I made a list of yesterday. its quite a long list as well.

What I want more than anything, is to find someone who will love me like I love them. I want to fall asleep beneath a tree holding hands with them, I want to take a walk at midnight with them down by the lake. I want to hold them when they are scared, I want a shoulder to cry on when I am sad. I want to comfort them when they are sad. I want to watch them while they sleep.

I guess I just want someone to love.

asian men with few clothes on make me laugh.

Heat is oppressive. I wish I could jsut spend all day in the store every day, that would make me glad.

tomorrow, my dog dies. I dont know what to think about that.

have a good evening, and I hope you are freed from the chains that bind you. not anyone in particular, just whoever is reading this, I hope you are freed.

good night.

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