Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thoughts on the peace pilgrim

maybe I had it all wrong:

when we think we possess people there's a tendancy to run their lives for them, and out of this develops an extremely inharmonious situation.

Then again, maybe I had it right:

since this is the only moment that one can live, if you dont live it you never really get around to living at all.

I think I got it right:

As soon as you begin working for the good of the whole, you fund yourself in harmony with all of your fellow human beings.

-the peace pilgrim

I agree with all three statements, although I needed help to realize the first one.

Today, I pulled a long grey hair out of the middle of my forehead. It made me feel like an incredibly old man. I'm not sure if my life is average.

I bought a bus ticket tonight. I will be turning 18 on a bus. I bet you wish that was the case for you.

on the other hand, your an idiot.

i'm sorry, someone once told me about a blog that he read that had the previous phrase in it. It made me laugh, and had jsut popped into my head.

This is the first day of the best month of my life. I have already decided that its the best month of my life, and there is nothing that anyone can do that will make it otherwhise.

I really wish I had a surprise party thrown for me. thats never been the case. I dont think it will this year, but still. I guess it doesnt make any sense to wish for a surprise party, that would be silly, because its selfish, and then it wouldnt be a surprise. Just so you know, I have removed that idea from my head.

My eyes hurt.

I love blogging, I can talk about myself, and its ok.

I probably have more to say, but I cant think of it right now.

before the tongue can speak, it must have lost the pwer to wound.

good night. and always remember that I love you.

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  1. Ay You will have an amazing birthday without a surprise party. It will be a good day! & I agree about August being the best month ever! Whooo hoooo!!!!!