Sunday, August 30, 2009

Theater of the opressed

I have little to say tonight. I have a feeling I will have much more to say tomorrow night.

I will say this though, I am very glad for people you can talk to late at night. last night was very sad for me, and I'm glad that I had someone I could talk to. Even if just for the sixteen minutes and thirty seconds that it was.

I will also say this. today was the last day of work with krista. que triste. my heart cries a little right now.

tomorrow is a goodbye. even though she is only going an hour away, I know that things will change. it wont be the same after this week. but, I'm ok with that. and if I wasnt ok with that, I would be an idiot, and an asshole. but what I wrote on the board at work will always stay true. no matter what.

Even though many things may change, those who love you will always stay the same.

Good night.

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