Sunday, August 9, 2009

live. laugh. love.

MY life is not average. Just sayin. Although I think that website is hilarious, My life is no where near average. In fact, No one who is associated with me is anywhere near average. That is one of the unspoken conditions of knowing me.

reasons why my life is not average:

Two weeks ago, I pulled out a long grey hair from the middle of my forehead. last week I spent making college or proffessional level music with a bunch of juniors and sophomores in high school. next week I will be in seattle with two of my closest friends. I work in an organic foods store. I play the bassoon.

Does any of that sound average?

I'm not sure how I feel about a few things, and a for a few others, my feelings are abundantly clear.

I played music at my grandfathers memorial service today, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I didnt think I was going to be that emotional, but the tears just kept flowing. That is not normal for me. I'm not used to that.

I spent the entire last week amongst the best musicians in the state. Some were freakishly good. The music that we created together was nothing short of amazing, and has inspired me to want to suround myself with such talent later on in life.

On tuesday, I will be able to vote, smoke, gamble, and buy alchohol in wisconsin. Oh, and able to go into the service. how ridiculous.

When I die, what will I be remembered as?

There are several people who I miss a ridiculous amount, one in paricular. I have no idea what the hell I am going to do without her.

I'm thinking about the University of Kansas.

The only happiness you keep is the happiness you give away.

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