Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Every year on my birthday, lots of things occur. like, for instance, my birthday. it is celebrated. also, a meteor shower happens on my birthday. The perseid meteor shower to be exact. I think its special that I was born during it. like the universe is giving me a present. or its trying to tell me something.

I'm going on what some would call a vision quest in a few days. I am very excited.

I'm in love, but not with you, with you.

Sometimes its extremely hard to say what needs to be said. I know that eventually I will have the courage, but not at the moment.

Whenever I look into the future, which I dont do very often, because its against what I'm about, I see two possibilities for myself. One, is living in new york with a certain someone, playing bassoon, and having beautiful children. the other is travelling the world with another someone. and simply doing that. just travelling.

Ive always felt that it might turn into something more eventually.

I miss katie a ridiculous amount.

I didnt think it was awkward...

You call it god, my parents call it the universe, I call it love.

I love you.

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