Thursday, August 27, 2009

god damn hand cannon

IT really doesnt matter what you do. you could grow 6 chins, have one eye, and yell at me like a mother yells at oncoming traffic (you little shit!). I wouldnt care. I would still think the "the sun shines out your butt."

I can give you a list of the foods I ate today.

two eggs, over something.
one order of deep fried pickles
one big fat bacon on a stick
one spamburger
one honey stick
one snow cone
one honey ice cream cone
one corndog
several of aunt marthas chocolate chip cookies
one small banana cream pie blizzard with chocolate ice cream

the heartburn that I have is not radiating in my kneecaps, but it is quite heartburn like. which means that it hurts.

I had quite the dream last night. Should I explain it to you? sure.

so, Im walking. and i see this girl, I like her, and i consider her my friend, but not like this. she comes up to me and says "I really like you" and practically eats my face off. and by that I mean we begin to make out. now, this isnt the part that I care about. what I care about is that in the background of the entire dream, lies the female I havent stopped thinking about since february. wearing the same outfit she wore in my dream the night before. and doing the same thing. just lurking. like shes waiting for something.

I wonder what shes waiting for.

well, thats all I have for you tonight.

remember to let her into your heart. then you can begin to make it better.

I love you.

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