Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I feel myself being sucked into a stressfull next couple of months. I'm trying to hold myself back, but I have a feeling that it is inevitable what is going to happen.

I just wish I could say, everything will turn out ok, and then it would.

I came to realize today that my soulmate might actually be admiral akbar.

someone told me I'm a terrible singer and that I should whistle. in addition to hurting me, and making me very angry, that also made me sing more and louder than before. I hope you're happy, woman.

I love making people laugh.

I was inspired to do this all poetic like, but then I was like, nope. thats not my style.

congratulations krista, you got a random blogger friend.

have so much fun and love and laughter that you forget how to open the fridge. then you will be happy.

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