Tuesday, August 25, 2009


good eve, its been a long while since weve last shared thoughts. I'm glad we dont have to wait any longer.

Because my brain is so tired, I feel like words wont be able to flow from me as they usually do. And thats ok. I will just give a brief description of everything thats on my mind.

I'm quite glad to be back from my trip. I had tons of fun, but it is quite good to be alone. and I'm extremely glad to be sleeping in my bed.

School starts in less than a week, I have much to do to prepare. well, not really. I'm just going to act like I do so I can feel more important when school actually starts.

I have words I need to speak, but lack the courage to give them a voice.

I will be sad when my favorites leave for la universidad. que triste.

I need to write a letter so I can test out of economics.

I need to practice my bassoon so I can get a good scholarship.

I need katie to arrive soon.

other than those to things, I have many things that I want. but few things that I actually need. so, I shall go on living my life as I have, and await what challenges may arise.

Thank you.

you are, so beautiful, and I love you forever and always.

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